『pirate's choice 14』

『pirate's choice 14』

1.Why Don't You Do Right / Lil Green
2.Baltimore Oriole / Lorez Alexandria
3.Let's Make It / Ellie Girl with Seven Beats Sulks
4.Speak Up Mambo / AL CASTELLANOS
5.Daddy Lolo / Ganim's Asia M0NORS
6.Asaw Fofor / Melody Aces
7.The Devils Pad / Paul Leader and H.B. Barnum's Circats
8.Everything Cool / The Cool Blaze Band feat. Char
9.Lindia / Orquestra Afro Brasileira
10.The Meditation / The TNT Band
11.musica del alma / tnt boys
12.Kirikisi [Ekassa 24] / Sir Victor Uwaifo
13.Enyere Cumbara / Julian y su Combo
14.Sweet Songs / Sarah Webster Fabio
15.PromiseLandDub / Narobi sisters
16.Micho Mocho / Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones, Ron Carter, Jerome    Richardson, Grady Tat
17.Half And Half / Elvin Jones.Jimmy Garrison Sextet
18.Chant-Inca / Jef Gilson
19.Last Tango in Paris / Julio Gutierrez


『pirate's choice 13』

『pirate's choice 13』

1.precious energy / leon thomas & gary bartz
2.little sunflower / loius hayes
3.till love touches your life / lorezalexandria
4.little b's poem / dee dee bridgewater
5.dorian / roy haynes
6.song for my father / joe lee wilson & bond street
7.before down / yusef lateef
8.ethos / tyrone washington
9.i'll bet you thought i'd never find you / jon hendricks
10.pensar pre que / bebeto
11.grooving when we meet / moods
12.Intergalactic Love Song / The Diddys Feat. Paige Douglas
13.suite pour san remo-ouverture / jef gilson nonet
14.origin / pharoah sanders


『pirate's choice 12』

『pirate's choice 12』

1.Oye Tcha Tcha Tcha / Depiano & Beguen Band
2.Nas Celina / Le Grand Kalle & L'African Jazz
3.Tcha Tcha Tcha Del Zombo / Brazzos & O.K. Jazz
4.Eh Non Non Non Mamie / Dewayon & Conga Jazz
5.Dance Dance Cha-Cha -Cha / Elegance Jazz
6.Vea / Dewayon & Conga Jazz
7.Omba Likita / Franc Lassan & Beguen Band
8.Tscha-Tscha-Tscha De Mi Amor / Brazzos & O.K. Jazz
9.Ojala [cha-cha] / Fonseca et ses Anges Noirs
10.Cha Cha Cha Erique / Orchestre T.P. OK-Jazz
11.Ray M'bele / Orchestra Baobab
12.Cuando Llegare / Amara Toure et son Ensemble
13.Viva Marvillas / King N'Gom
14.Macakki / Orchestre Number One
15.Cafe / Franco Et TP OK Jazz
16.Cuba / Dexter Johnson & Super Star De Dakar
17.Conjura / Laba Sosseh & Liwanza Band



Old School Ethiopian Music

『pirate's choice meets Bless』

『pirate's choice meets Bless』
1.Chicango (Chicago Land)/Billy Wooten
2.Call My Name/Joe Bataan
3.Mr. Business/Edition Speciale
4.Mad Mouth Carter/Boozoo Bajou
5.Cumbia Skank/Los Hermanos Latinos
6.Shakalaode/Wganda Kenya
7.Cubana/Gerardo Frisina
8.Rock Creek Park/Blackbyrds
9.Evil Vibrations /The Rebirth
10.Evil Vibrations/Mighty Ryeders
11.You've Gotta Have Freedom/Build An Ark
12.The Road/Communicators And Black Experience Band
13.Listen to Your Mama/Les Tres Femmes
14.Mama-Lolo/The Entertainers
15.Going Down for the Last Time/Ronnie Keaton & the Ocean-Liners 16.Bee Bop Boogie/Hilton Felton


pirate's choice 11

『pirate's choice 11』
1.LAMENT / Moon Dog
2.Maybe So, Maybe No / New Holidays
3.Fall in Love / The Invs Vs. Fleur Earth
4.God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes / Horace Family
5.Got To Have It / Rhon Silva
6.Descarga Superior / Los Superiores
7.Oye Como Va / Augustine Ramirez
8.Cocinando / Ray Barretto
9.The Hammer Keeps a Knocking / Faye Adams
10.Le temps du tempo / France Gall
11.Just the Two of Us / Victor Catanzaro Quartet
12.Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother / Black On White Affair
13.Sitting in the Park / Young Billy Cole
14.Be Thankful (For What You Got) / Donovan Carless
15.Memories / Noel Ellis
16.DANCER / Tatsuro Yamashita
17.Samurai / Djavan


『pirate's choice 10』

『pirate's choice 10』
1.Okwukwe Na Nchekwube / Celestine Ukwu
2.Asiko Mi Ni / The Nigerian Police Force Band
3.Los Feligreses / Luis Santi Y Su Conjunto
4.Unsquare Dance / Dave Brubeck Quartet
5.Angels And Demons At Play / Sun Ra
6.Egyptian Reggae / Jonathan Richman
7.Way Down In The Hole / Tom Waits
8.Now I Live / Ben Sidran
9.My Music / Samuel Johnathan Johnson
10.Time Capsule / Weldon Irvine
11.Peace Piece / Bill Evans
12.Love Sweet Like Sugarcane / Build An Ark
13.The Blessing Song / Michael White
14.My Song (I Wonder) / Labi Siffre




Call The Wind Maria

Harry Forson / Aya

Harry Forson / Aya (Fiesta,1978)

Manu Dibangoのレアなサントラに収録されている曲のカバー。


『pirate's choice 9』

『pirate's choice 9』

1.I'm Nothing But A Girl / Birgit Lystager
2.This Place Is Too Hot / Dream Express
3.Diamant / Marius Cultier
4.A Little Spice / Loose Ends
5.Vermelhinho / Antonio Adolfo
6.Up To You / Kalapana
8.No One Can Stop Us / WILLIE WILLIAMS
9.Nothing Never Done Before The Time / White Mice
10.Everybody Loves The Sunshine / Soul Village
11.Piledriver/Dennis The Fox
12.Alsdot De Olifantstand / Leo Cuypers
13.Nada Sei De Presonceito / Djalma Dias
14.Young, Gifted And Brown / Joe Bataan
15.Leave It All / Magnolia
16.Gee Dee / Gary Davis & His Professor
17.Loneliness Is Always Around / Radoul Brank & ACcRoc
18.Onajikoi / Nigetahitsuji


『pirate's choice 8』

『pirate's choice 8』

1.You Got Me/Crow Johnson
2.Coconut/Harry Nilsson
3.If I Had A Wish/Jacobs Ladder
4.Never Never/The Distributors
5.La Murga Panamena/Cal Tjader
6.Peruvian Guajira/Karamanduka
7.Woman Pin Down/Dan Satch & His Atomic 8 Dance Band of Aba
8.Sing A Simple Song/Richard & the Sun Demons
9.Let Me Come within/Renaldo Domino
10.Bim Sala Bim/Hudson County
11.It's a Rat Race/The Leaders
12.The Dead Don't Die Alive/4th Coming
13.Ain't gonna run no more/The Mighty Lovers
14.I Came a Long Way to Get You/Frankie Seay & the Soul Riders
15.Reach Out, I'll Be There/Lee Moses
16.Why Am I Treated So Bad/The Metro-Tones Inc.
17.Chove Chuva/Jorge Ben
18.Yesterday's Dream/Shades of Black Lightning
19.Cyclic Shift/Jurriaan Andriessen
20.Welcome New Warmth/Michel Sardaby
21.Baltimore/Nina Simone
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『pirate's mix 1』

『pirate's mix 1』
That's a Pretty Good Love/Big Maybelle
Hit The Road Jack/Cat
Rock Steady/Marvells
Cosas/Los Hermanos Latinos
I Got The Feelin/Orchestre African Fiesta
Do It Till Your Satisfied/The Soul Messengers
South African Reggae (Pt. 1)/Cedric Brooks Skin, Flesh & Bones
Woman Of The Ghetto/Hortense Ellis
Bluebird/One Self
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out/Mayer Hawthorne and The County
Praise Poems/Warmth
Nomads Ride/Jim Langabeer Trio
Cotati Funk/Quintessence
Cala Boca Menino/Joao Donato
Lolypop/Freddie Rodriguez
Betcha Got A Dude On The Side/Star Quality Cross
Get Up (Diesler Remix)/The Hot 8 Brass Band
Cuss Cuss riddim/Roots Radics
Ring the Alarm/ Tenor Saw
For The Love Of You/ John Holt


pirate's choice7

『pirate's choice7』

1.Corto Maltese/Sylvia Fels

2.Call The Wind Maria/Keith Husbands

3.Gardenia Devil/Barney Wilen

4.At The Savoy/maria monne

5.Liberater Brother/Joop Hendriks

6.Bada Que Bash/P.E.Hewitt Jazz Ensemble

7.It's Free/Bishops of the Holy Rollers Fallout Shelter with Curtis Colbert

8.El Shacalao/Pedro Beltran

9.El Shacalao/Lizandro Meza y Su Conjunto

10.Stone the Flower/The Hykkers

11.Jelly/The Cactus Rose Project

12.Mr. Magic/John Heartsman & Circles


14.Outer Spaceways Incorporated/Sun Ra

15.Mellow Mood/Roland Alphonso

16.Silly Wasn't I/Shanon Forrester

17.Sugar Man/Rodriguez

18.Happy ever after/The Big Fish

19.Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight /Paul Mitchell Trio


Cumbias Y Gaitas Famosas vol.3

Cumbias Y Gaitas Famosas vol.3 (Discos Fuentes)
side A
1.Tristeza Del Cumbiambero/Los Corraleros De Majagual

2.Yolanda/La Sonora Juanchito con Tito Cortes

3.Al Amanecer/Los Cumbiamberos De Pacheco

4.La Satelite/Los Satelites

5.Cumbia Campesina/Los Corraleros De Majagual

6.Las Colombianas/Los Golden Boys

7.La Cigarra/Climaco Sarmiento

8.Bacarda/Juan Pina Y Sus Muchachos

9.La Compatible/Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros

10.Ritmo De Tambo/La Sonora Dinamita

11.Barranquillerita/Sonora Del Caribe

12.Olas Que Se Van/Combo De Edmundo Villamizar

13.La nena/Juan Pina Y Sus Muchachos


Groovy kinda samba / Abra K Dabra

Groovy kinda samba / Abra K Dabra (JU JU Records )

side A

side B
Groovy Kinda Samba

The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt lp

The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt(Praxis 1983)

The Cairo Jazz Band / ramadan

The Sun Ra Arkestra / Egypt Strut


Maria Monne / Teach me Please

Maria Monne / Teach me Please (Polydor Records,Japan1983)




At The Savoy






1. I'm Wondering Why

2. More Than Anything
3. It's Got Two Names And That's Alright

4. Love Song

1. Oma Rakas

2. The Winterwind
3. Bada Que Bash

4. Tuija


フランスのバンドデシネ『corto maltese』。年代は不明ですが、70年前後でしょうか?当時アニメであってたかはわかりませんが、海賊モノということもあってか漁港を思わせるSEに緩いサンバのリズムに妖しい女性のポエトリー。フランス語ってところがポイント高し!


side A CORTO MARTESE / Instrumental

side B.CORTO MARTESE / Iavec la voix de Sylvia Fels

pirate's choice5

『pirate's choice5』

Jingle 1

1.Pense a Moi/Frances Gall

2.I'm Shakin/Little Willie John

3.Cha Cha Cha Erique/Orchestre T.P. OK-Jazz

4.Coal Miner/ Nappy Brown

5.Penny Whistle Montuna/Roscoe Weathers

6.Caravan/Plas Johnson Quartet

7.Ican/Tony Martinez Quintet

8.Oiga Comaprito/Los Wawanco

9.La Murga/Los Melodicos

10.Eso se baila asi/Willie Colon

11.Federico/Conjunto La Revuelta

Jingle 2

12.Que Se Sepa/Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound

13.Spaced Out/Johnny Zamot and His Orchestra

14.Iya Me Dji Ki Bi Ni/Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou

15.The Next Ball Game/Inell Young

16.I Don't Know How (To Say I Love You)/The Superlatives

Jingle 3

17.Yo Tink It Sorf?/Lancelot Layne

18.Onye Huru Odum/Dan Satch & the Professional Atomic 8 Band 19.Congo/E.T Mensah

20.Uju Special/Chief Stephen Osadebe & his NIgeria Sound Makers

pirate's choice4

『pirate's choice4』

2.Wild Fire/Harold Martin & Larry Young
3.What Is There To See/Piero Piccioni
4.Brighter Days/Kenneth Jenkins
5.Nebulosa/Tenorio Jr.
6.Night In Tunisia/The Latin Jazz Quintet
7.Antillana/Lou Perez y su Orquesta Barrio
8.Liberated Brother/Horace Silver
9.I Believe In Miracles/O'donel Levy
10.Take it Easy My Brother Charles/Som Tres
11.Sexual Healing/Hot 8 Brass Band
12.Libra Sunrise/Iasos
13.Waltz/Mike Westbrook
14.My love for you and the ugly/Ed Green
15.Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me/Vince Jones
16.Shadow Of Your Smile/Labi Siffre
17.At The Hotel/Eunice Collins

pirate's choice3

『pirate's choice3』

1.Free Your Mind/Newban

2.Thembi/Pharoah Sanders

3.Day Dreamer/Adele Sebastian

4.Bernies tune/Latin PercussionJazz Ensemble

5.Diswa /Rudolph Johnson

6.The Honeysuckle Breeze/Tom Scott

7.Sagittarius Black  /Timothy McNealy

8.To Be Fre/Luther Davis Group

9.Firebird /Googie Rene

10.Save Me/E.T. Mensah & His Tempos Band

11.030e /Jackie Mittoo

12.Senyah/Roy Haynes

13.Since I Met You/Steam Heat

14.Alfie Moss - City/The Melton Brothers Band

15.No One Can Take Your /Cleveland Robinson

16.Peace Of Mind/Rance Allen Group

pirate's choice 2

『pirate's choice 2』

1.Astronautas A Mercurio/Sonara Casino

2.Zouk/Marius Cultier

3.happy day/rex williams

4.Dom Gowa/The Afro Soul-Tet

5.manteca/al grey isauro hernandez

6.Dame Tu Corazon/Johnny Zamot

7.Tumbanga/Orlando Cachaito Lopez

8.Tsakve/Abdullah Ibrahim

9.Paranoia Rap/Appliances

10.Sweetie Pie/Stone Alliance

11.Wicki-Wacky/The Fatback Band

12.Happy/Board Of Directors

13.Time Is Always Moving On/Larry T & the Family

14.the fire opal sequence/musica orbis

15.Always There/Wood Brass & Steel

16.Still Loving You/Twilight

17.Feel Like Making Love/Loving Cup

pirate's choice1

『pirate's choice1』

1.Marashi ya warembo/Unknown

2.My Lovely Elizabeth/S.E. Rogie

3.Tanzania Twist/Abdallah

4.Savage Colt/The Eldorados

5.Bangarang/Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling

6.You Were Meant For Me/King Stitt

7.For a Few Dollars More/The Upsetters

8.Olu Ugbo/Ikenga Super Stars of Africa

9.Sorongo/Cortijo Y Su Bonche


11.Mwamba Wa Mamu/Docteur Nico et l'Orchestre African Fiesta

12.Pacha-Pachanga/Bholen et l'Orchestre Negro Succes


14.Lunch Time/Poxi Presh

15.Don't Let Me Down/Charlotte Dada

16.Ikoro's 70 Special/Dan Satch & the Professional Atomic 8 Band

17.Whisky Soda/Bembeya Jazz National